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At WISEware we know how you work and we understand running the business of healthcare. Our family of WISE applications are built to provide workable solutions to the production and reporting dilemmas our industry faces every day.

WISEware WISEcap–Collection Agency Performance WISEart–Accounts Receivable Tracking WISEops–Financial Operations Reporting WISEcast–Multicast Messaging WISEtac–Time & Accounting for Project Management WISEpac–Patient Accounting Controls WISEscript–Computer Scripting WISEmerge–Merging Duplicate Records or Accounts

Allow our knowledge and experience to provide you critical applications that are designed by people who know healthcare finance. We offer the functionality you and your staff need to be successful. Click on any of the icons above to explore our core product line.

We want to talk to you about your organization, workflow, interfaces, and unique business needs. Contact us for online demonstrations and to discuss implementing a WISEware application.