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Ad hoc reporting for accounts in collections and collection agencies

WISEcap is a web-based, user-friendly tool that provides secure, manageable access to Collection Agency Performance ad hoc reporting. By combining industry leading databases, methodologies, and analytic services, WISEware is creating best practice information assets to help customers manage collections and achieve better financial outcomes.

WISEware partners with multi–facility healthcare organizations, physician groups and collection agencies to provide collections management reporting services. Uniform templates provide consistent and fair comparison of collections data so you can benchmark against best practices and engage in data-based revenue and expense planning.

WISEcap® selection criteria

Data filtering based on previous selections guarantee you get the report you need. Report formats can be customized, viewed online, exported to Excel and emailed to clients based on a schedule. WISEcap's charting engine is capable of generating a wide variety of charts.

Look for the WISEcap reporting agency symbol to identify participating WISEcap agencies who have met the file specification and are ready to upload data to WISEware.

WISEcap® Participating Agency Logo

Through our partnership with the agencies identified on this web site, your collections performance data could be available in WISEcap reports in a matter of days.

For more information on WISEcap and a web demonstration, contact us.