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Background job processing and scheduling

A background job is a computer process that runs behind the scenes (i.e., in the background) and without user intervention. Typical tasks for these processes include logging, system monitoring, scheduling, and user notification. Background processing allows for the automation of routine tasks and the optimization of the use of computing resources.

Process management is an integral part of any modern-day operating system (OS). The OS must allocate resources to processes, enable processes to share and exchange information, protect the resources of each process from other processes and enable synchronization among processes. To meet these requirements, the OS must maintain a data structure for each process, which describes the state and resource ownership of that process, and which enables the OS to exert control over each process.

Batch processing is a typical form of background processing. Strictly speaking, it is a processing mode: the execution of a series of programs each on a set or batch of inputs, rather than a single input (which would instead be a custom job). However, this distinction has largely been lost, and the series of steps in a batch process are often called a job or batch job.

Jobs, batch jobs and background processes must be scheduled. A job scheduler is a computer application for controlling unattended background program execution of jobs.

All of these elements, background jobs, batch jobs, job schedules and more, are combined to create WISEsystem.

In todayís healthcare environment, EMRs and EHRs alone are creating more and more daily computing tasks all the time. These processing requirements donít take into account the huge computing needs created by the business of healthcare. Organizations cannot afford the human capital that would be required to perform these operations manually. And, they cannot afford the stress on computing resources during peak business operations. WISEsystem solutions can eliminate potential negative effects and does not require additional hardware.

Let WISEware help your IT organization define, create and schedule background processes to enhance database performance and maintain the data integrity of your operating systems. For more information on WISEsystem and background processing opportunities within your organization, contact WISEware.