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Searchable legacy data repository for state and federal records retention compliance

Healthcare legacy data management is a growing challenge for hospitals and medical practices of all sizes. New system installations have left an enormous volume of orphan financial, clinical and scanned data trapped on old legacy systems. Combine this with healthcare mergers and acquisitions, subsequent system conversions, and the problem becomes overwhelming.

Regulatory statutes require long term retention of data, while clinicians and administrators demand easy access. The costs associated with maintenance of legacy systems is prohibitive.

WISEarchive and our family of supportive services can help you manage all these challenges. WISEarchive runs on your network, on your hardware and is a web-based, accessible and searchable data resource that allows for printing individual legacy data entries on demand.

Decommissioning legacy systems and elimination of the need to pay licensing and maintenance fees on multiple EMRs, clinical systems, or hardware/software running abstracting, physician credentialing, claims, financial or human resource data provides significant cost savings, especially for healthcare organizations that have accumulated multiple systems through acquisitions.

Most healthcare stakeholders are left with more questions than answers about what to do with legacy data during an EHR replacement project. WISEware will help you determine how to comply with state regulations, provide a vendor-neutral, scalable platform for single or multiple facilities and offers a single or disparate legacy applications strategy for retaining your legacy data.


Business Continuity and Care Coordination
The benefits of creating a strong legacy data management strategy include:

  • cost reduction
  • risk mitigation
  • compliance with security standards
  • record retention mandate adherence
  • simplified access to data

Not to mention an opportunity to merge decades worth of data from disparate software applications into a secure long-term storage and retrieval center.

WISEarchive can consolidate legacy data silos to ensure secure record retention for the next 7, 10 or even 25+ years. Requests for historical patient records, fielded routinely from patients, payers, employers and lawyers can be met. Keeping the data siloed in outdated applications not only makes your healthcare organization vulnerable from a security standpoint; it also makes it far more difficult and costly to maintain, access and share information.

Unlike a typical backup, a data archive must be able to stand the test of time. Or, WISEarchive can be your interim access solution for physicians and clinical personnel while your legacy EHR data is converting discrete data elements or scanned images to your new EMR.

Visibility and Searchability
Once consolidated, the data is readily accessible and searchable using metadata and tags. Scanned paper documents may also be stored and searched on as well. With WISEarchive you can search for and find what you need. Eliminate wasting time trying to navigate legacy software. WISEware staff offers online training and comprehensive help documentation for WISEarchive.

Preserving medical or employee records in a single location simplifies search, access and enables you to quickly fulfill requests for information and reporting. It is common for healthcare organizations to have upwards of 30 disparate legacy systems up and running at one time. WISEware will help you properly and safely prioritize, and project manage the decommissioning of legacy systems. Minimizing the number of locations that data exists can also minimize the risk of security breaches.

Data Migration and Report Development
WISEware provides world-class, vendor-neutral data conversion servicesto and from the most popular healthcare information systems, EHR platforms and other healthcare vertical products. If you are currently using MEDITECH, MEDHOST, McKesson Patient Folder, eClinicalWorks, Cerner, PulseEHR, OnBase, Epic, Allscripts, PACS, or other systems not listed, we can help archive your data.

Whether you require archiving an entire legacy EHR or a no longer supported financial system, our highly qualified healthcare IT team has converted millions of healthcare records since beginning in the healthcare IT business in 1981. WISEware has developed custom Data Mapping, Data Cleanup and Data Conversion Tools to connect directly with your applications source database, extract all the data, perform a comprehensive data cleanup and convert the data to WISEarchive. If you are converting a few hundred thousand documents — or hundreds of millions — our thoroughly tested process can provide you peace of mind.

WISEware staff has experience solving a wide variety of conversion related issues such as proprietary optical formats, proprietary image formats, as well as database mapping and document assembly.

Security, Access and Data Retention
WISEarchive runs on your network and can be integrated with your existing security infrastructure. When employees leave your organization their access to legacy data goes away too. WISEarchive reports provide chain of custody and logs all record access — vital for e-discovery.

For a summary of State Medical Record Lawsand minimum medical record retention periods consult this government table provided by HealthIT.gov. Since the laws can be modified by the state legislature, check regularly to make sure that new legislation is not being considered on record retention.

WISEarchive is the last legacy data management system you will ever need.

Contact WISEwareto intelligently migrate and reliably archive your legacy data.