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Financial operations report analysis

From the creators of the original WISEops (GLFormat.exe) program many HCA facilities have used to create their DORs (Department Operations Reports) for years, WISEops has always provided HCA facilities a convenient, secure mechanism for distribution of monthly mainframe reports, reducing printing and staffing costs.

WISEware has created two separate products to replace the GLFormat.exe program: WISEops for Windows and WISEops for the Web.

WISEops for Windows

WISEops for Windows solves any Adobe licensing issue by eliminating the need for the PDFWriter (PDF reports are still available) and lets you continue monthly and annual processing of the HCA financial reports for online viewing with several exciting enhancements.

Optimized PDF reports make reviewing your DORs much easier. Bookmarks list your reports in the navigation pane as a table of contents and let you go straight to the report you want to see with a single click. Background shading on alternate rows of PDF reports improves readability. Expanded spreadsheet reports include current month and now year-to-date values for revenues, expense, statistics, etc.

WISEops for Windows is available for license for a one-time cost of $2500 per facility. To license WISEops for Windows or discuss the terms of our WISEops for Windows two fiscal months trail contact us.

To register online to begin your trial today, visit WISEops for Windows Trial Registration.

WISEops for the Web

WISEops for the Web offers a web based financial reporting tool with dashboards, trending reports and drill down capability especially useful to non–financial managers. By integrating financial and operating results from multiple systems across organizational levels, now you can drill down into reports from summary (i.e. group) level to division, hospital, and even department level.

Source reports for the WISEops department operations reports still come from your facility's HCA Patient Accounting, SMART and General Ledger systems. WISEware has created an automated report loader eliminating the need for manually downloading, saving and running monthly reports.

The system can be configured to authenticate against your Microsoft Active Directory reducing the need for duplicate passwords and user setup while providing Web accessibility and increased functionality.

Contact us for pricing and more information on our WISEops product line and learn more about how to automate and improve your department financial reporting.