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Merge and eliminate duplicate records or accounts

WISEmerge offers a process for identifying duplicate medical record numbers in master patient indices, and an ongoing mechanism for maintaining a duplicate-free MPI.

MPI cleanup is essential prior to a system conversion. Record merging can be recorded in the host system or only in the WISEmerge database. In either case, the ultimate result is a final MPI conversion file with duplicates merged for the new system.

WISEmerge® conversion

WISEware's customer web provides the web portal for viewing your WISEmerge duplicates, flagging true duplicates and indicating the medical record number to retain. Users produce pull lists – sorted according to user preference: by name, terminal digit, or medical record number – to streamline the comparison of physical records and facilitate paper chart merges.

All access to WISEmerge is via secure HTTP (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption and restricted by user.

Upgrade WISEmerge by adding an HL7 interface from a facility's host system to improve the timeliness of catching and merging duplicate medical record numbers before they become duplicate medical records. Or, you may add a scripting tool to eliminate the manual merging process in the host system, reducing FTE's, and improving efficiency and accuracy.

Contact usand let us show you how WISEware can help with your MPI cleanup.