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Managing healthcare underpayments and overpayments for correct reimbursement

WISEpac combines all reimbursement variances from your stand-alone hospital systems running in multi-facility organizations into a single database. Even modest-sized healthcare organizations file tens of thousands of claims—add multiple facilities running on separate and/or different systems to that equation and your biggest challenge is consolidating sheer volume.

Consolidate reporting and create global management of underpayments, denials and overpayments at the corporate level without changing the facility-level involvement in contract management with WISEpac.

WISEpac is a web-based application sold on a software-as-a-service, subscription basis. Individual access may be granted to any number of users within an organization at no additional cost and may be restricted by job role in the contract management process, division/facility with which an employee is associated, etc. User audit log functionality records all adds, updates, and deletes to cases as well as who made the changes and when.

WISEpac features several templates for the easily customizable reports using selection criteria based on your existing data. Predefined reports can be established to quickly generate and display reports based on chosen criteria and templates. Your WISEpac reports may include, but need not be limited to:

  • Underpayments by Hospital City/State
  • Underpayments by Master Payor Name
  • Underpayments by Reason Code Category
  • Overpayments by Hospital City/State
  • Overpayments by Master Payor Name
  • Overpayments by Reason Code Category

Your WISEpac database can be populated by periodic data file upload or direct updating via WISEpac data entry screens.

Let WISEware help you improve your bottom line by maximizing reimbursement management. We'll even provide you with a demo user ID so you can experience WISEpac for yourself. For more information and pricing for WISEpac for your organization, contact WISEware.