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Network multicast messaging

Send information to literally hundreds, or thousands, of users without creating bandwidth demand or disrupting business-important applications.

Particularly useful as an emergency notification system, WISEcast communicates emergency codes, building emergencies, severe weather and other situations to every registered device on your network. Traditional means for emergency notification have notable shortcomings. Paging can be "tuned out," physically turned off in offices and conference rooms, not available in remote buildings, and unable to reach hearing-impaired employees to name a few. WISEcast can complement or replace overhead paging.

WISEware Multicast Diagram

Replace weekly organization-wide email blasts that overwhelm your network and swell employee mailboxes using WISEcast's innovative bandwidth conservation technology. Create attractive HTML messages containing fonts, images and other details that might be problematic in email.

Using multicasting technology, WISEcast reduces congestion and network loads by delivering a single stream of information into the network and to a select group (or all of your users) simultaneously.

For more information on having WISEcast installed on your network, or an online demonstration contact us.