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Vendor-neutral conversion services and a full line of products to assist with conversions

WISEware provides world-class, vendor-neutral data conversion services to and from all the most popular healthcare information systems, EHR platforms and other healthcare vertical products. If you are currently using MEDITECH, MEDHOST, McKesson Patient Folder, eClinicalWorks, Cerner, PulseEHR, OnBase, Epic, Allscripts, PACS, or a system not listed, we can help you move all your data to another application.

Whether you require a master patient index conversion or an entire EHR migration, our highly qualified healthcare IT professionals, database programmers and software engineers have converted millions of healthcare records since beginning in the healthcare IT business in 1981. WISEware has developed custom Data Mapping, Data Cleanup and Data Conversion Tools to connect directly with your applications source database, extract all the data, perform a comprehensive data cleanup and convert the data to your new healthcare information system. If you are converting a few hundred thousand documents — or hundreds of millions — our thoroughly tested process can provide you peace of mind.

WISEware staff has experience solving a wide variety of conversion related issues such as proprietary optical formats, proprietary image formats, as well as database mapping and document assembly.

Many times, taking on the daunting task of changing EHRs is a burdensome and complicated process, especially when an organization uses a variety of applications to document their patient information. Often the biggest challenge is determining how much data should be migrated and what data can be left behind.

Healthcare organizations typically face three conversion choices:

Non-Discrete Data Conversion
Most times, data will be brought over into the new EHR system via a report that will not parse discretely into the target system. This is the simplest conversion approach and uses PDFs and scanned information that is stored in the new EHR. However, your physicians may have to read through the entire chart to find out if a patient is allergic to something.

Since the end user cannot act on this data in the new system you may need to manually re-enter information into a file in the appropriate areas of the patientís chart. With any manual abstraction, this increases the chance of user error. While there is less effort in the actual migration of the data to the target system a significant amount of time will be spent abstracting data.

Discrete Data Conversion
To bring data over in a usable way and not use staff to abstract the data — consider a discrete data migration. A discrete data conversion is the most seamless approach where data is mapped from the old EHR to your new EHR. The legacy patient data then resides in the new EHR when it goes live.

A discrete migration of patient histories stores data in the appropriate fields within the new EHR system. When data is in the appropriate fields, there is no need for end-users to abstract the data. This may sound like the obvious choice, but it does come with risks. If your organization does decide to perform a discrete data migration, there are many things to take into consideration. Some of these considerations include: mapping effort, validation resources, data loads timing, source system data formatting, target system limitations, with other factors.

Enterprise Data Archiving
Another option to preserve legacy patient data is enterprise data archiving using a solution like WISEarchive. This is ideal if you need to retain years of data and want to turn off your old EHR or other clinical system. WISEarchive provides your organization a repository for read-only access to legacy data relieving you from expensive system licenses and legacy hardware maintenance headaches.

Switching EHR systems, navigating conversion options and keeping workflows and functionality intact can be intimidating. Let WISEware partner with you by providing cost-effective services without compromising quality or data integrity. How can WISEware help with your next conversion project? Contact us.