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Concierge and venue management software with mobile access applications

WISEguest, a web-based software solution for today's destination marketer and manager, provides concierge, guest services, and hospitality software functionality as well as venue scheduling and venue site-visit management capability. Mobile access allows you, your staff, and your boss access to all reservations in WISEguest from your iPad or phone.

Originally created by WISEware for the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation (GNOSF) as the database behind the 2012 NCAA Final Four Special Guest Program, WISEguest was the software used to manage concierge-type services to special guests designated by the NCAA –dinner reservations, tickets to attractions, golf tee times, private tours, access to courtesy cars, etc.

WISEguest's success and NCAA participant positive feedback was amazing. WISEguest has been the reservation software behind the 2013 NFL Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, 2013 NCAA Men's Final Four in Atlanta, and the 2013 NCAA Women's Final Four in New Orleans.

Have access to your guests/attendees/contacts and your attractions/vendors/venues by importing your data into WISEguest. Guests and vendors can also be added with the click of a button by your team or uploaded to save you time.

Concierge Capability
A branded concierge web page offers guests 24/7 access to your custom database of attractions in order that they may request reservations or services even when your office is not staffed. Guests receive a branded email confirming receipt of their reservation request. Once a live concierge completes booking, the reservation is confirmed by sending the guest a second branded email with an attached calendar appointment and Google Maps directions via WISEguest.

Venue Management, Site-visit Management & Booking Familiarization Tours
The venue portal, available to visitors, allows them to sort venues by type, size and location and request the venues they wish to visit. Send requests to venue contacts and schedules to guests all via WISEguest's centralized database. A master calendar provides you an overview of scheduled events and who is where at what site, as well as available time slots for those last minute appointments.

Use WISEguest's reporting feature to quantify the amount of business you are providing your clients/vendors and track overall productivity. Reports can also be prepared with the ability to export to Excel.

For more information on how to have WISEguest working for your organization, contact WISEware.