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Release 3.0 improves accessibility, output options and adds advanced user functionality

WISEcap will get a fresh new look and feel in the next release. WISEcap 3.0 is designed to improve accessibility by improving cross-browser compatibility. Easier criteria grouping will benefit all users as will additional output formats. Users will also see better charts, graphs and customizable dashboards. All supported clients will receive these upgrades automatically.

Not only is WISEware excited about the release of version 3.0, we’re also happy to be integrating WISEdata, WISEreport and WISEdecision into WISEcap.

Advanced user and super user functionality

Currently WISEcap has only one level of user access and functionality. WISEware has decided to maintain the existing interface for most WISEcap users and offer a more robust reporting solution for WISEcap advanced users. This new functionality introduces three new WISEware products:

WISEdata™ – automatic file upload
Automatic File Upload with WISEdata™

Provides a Windows service to monitor a local folder and automatically upload
data files to the WISEware server, especially useful for weekly or daily uploads.

WISEreport™ – custom report designer
Custom Report Designer with WISEreport™

Allows advanced users to create their own custom report definitions for use in
WISEcap and for export.

WISEdecision™ – customize and schedule reports
Schedule Reports with WISEdecision™

Use the Widows service to run on the local network to permit scheduling
WISEcap reports and sending output to either a local share or email account.

Create Report Packages with WISEdecision™

Create report packages with multiple reports merged into a single document.
Report packages can also be scheduled.

Today, WISEcap allows all users to Output to: Web page, Grid, and Excel Spreadsheet. Release 3.0 will offer additional formats, available to all users, as outputs:

WISEcap output to PDF
Output to PDF

Allows users to create PDF copies of WISEcap reports directly from the application.

Output to File

The ability to output to XML or CSV for import to other applications in order to import
WISEcap data into existing report packages created in programs like Crystal Reports.

WISEcap output to email
Output to Email

Allow users to create email from WISEcap with reports attached as Excel or PDF, or
embedded HTML in the email. Optionally, include a link to a restricted version of
WISEcap with a limited universe based on emailed report.

For more information on WISEcap and a web demonstration, contact us.