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Collection agency performance monitoring and management

WISEcap consistently aggregates and reports vendor/agency performance data and compares that performace over time and against best practice benchmark data.

Accessible from any web browser and iPad compatible, now you can easily track placements by facility, division, or business line and monitor adherence to standards of performance allowing your vendor/ agencies to be more successful for you.

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Placement Type: Primary Placements  

Unique in its functionality, WISEcap provides multi–facility organizations the ability to more adequately evaluate vendor/agency performance.

Look for the WISEcap reporting agency symbol to identify participating WISEcap agencies who have met the file specification and are ready to upload data to WISEware.

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Through our partnership with the agencies identified on this web site, your collections performance data could be available in WISEcap reports in a matter of days. If you don't see the agency you are currently using listed, we will work with your collections vendor to include their performance in your WISEcap reports.

For more information on WISEcap and a web demonstration, contact us.